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Waterproof Double Head Contour Concealer Stick


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DOUBLE-HEADED DESIGN - The Concealer Stick is equipped with a highlighter tip to create three-dimensional makeup and improve skin tone. In addition, the shadow can be a hairline modification, eye primer, highlight, and concealer to create a sexy and plump face.

BRIGHTEN - Effectively brighten the complexion, lightly press on the lines of the law, the corners of the mouth, the brow bone, and the corners of the eyes, and then smudge with a foundation brush to brighten the complexion.

CONTOUR/HIGHLIGHT MADE EASY - Helps to repair the appearance, lightly press on the hairline, cheeks, and jawline, and then gently open with a repairing brush, you can modify the face shape, create three-dimensional delicate features, so as to get rid of the edges and corners of the face.

LIGHTWEIGHT TEXTURE - The texture of the concealer stick is very thin, it is in the state of concealer, it is more hydrated, and it also has some moisturizing effects.

HIGHLIGHTING - Highlighting the head can brighten the forehead bridge of the nose, cheekbones, and chin.

SHADOW - The shadow head can modify the wing of the nose, sublabial small face can be completed when naturally dizzying.

Formulation: Stick
Skin Type: All Skin Types
NET WET: 3.6g/0.12 Oze
SIZE: 12cm*1.5cm
Benefit: Moisturizer
Benefit: Oil-control
Benefit: Waterproof / Water-Resistant
Benefit: Whitening
Benefit: Concealer
Benefit: Natural Factors
Benefit: Nutritious
Quantity: 1pc double head contour pen
Type: Concealer

4 Colors Available - Choose Your Own Skin Tone Number:
#01: Fair Color+Light Brown Color- For Fair Skin Tone.
#02: Natural Color+ Warm Brown Color- For Natural Skin Tone.
#03: Dusty Pink Color+Dark Brown Color- For Wheat Skin Color.

How To Use:
Step 1: Round face dark on both sides bright in the middle in the middle.
Step 2: Dark mandible bright zone.
Step 3: Cheekbones turn black forehead brightens.
Step 4: Darken and down brighten cheekbones.

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