Makeup Moon

3 In 1 Sexy Lip Stick Makeup Blusher


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It has no effect of powder and makeup, rich in happy and sweet colors, more repairing and brightening effects, simply creating a natural softness.

-High-quality ingredients with silky shine color, waterproof, can last for all day.
-Feel light and soft, simple bright and brilliant face make-up finish.
-Creamy texture, smooth, and easy to apply.
-Can be used on your eyes, lips, and cheeks for a monochromatic look.

Remarkable color rendering effect---The color is full, the color is rich, and the color rendering is high.

Long-lasting makeup---Anti-sweat, not easy to smudge, not easy to take off makeup, long-lasting makeup, fully enhances the complexion of the face.

Size: 27 mm*58 mm
Net weight: 7g/0.25oz.e
Color: 6 color
Shelf life : 3 years

Function: It gives the skin a rich and full look with a pink color and a delicate glow.

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